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My Approach

Therapy to suit you

I have a person-centred ethos which places you and your individual needs and experiences at the very heart of your therapy. I am able to work with you on a short-term or long-term basis, whatever you feel will be most helpful.

If you wish to set a goal for your therapy, we will work together to set the goals and work towards these. We will regularly review your progress and may adapt or change the goals as you feel necessary. If you prefer not to set a goal, that is your choice and we can discuss whatever you wish to bring to each session. 

Supporting you towards self-growth

My approach is to guide and support you, but ultimately you are in control of your therapy. You decide what you wish to talk about and you make your commitment to each session. In this way, it is like learning to drive. You are in the driving seat and I am by your side, guiding and navigating you on your journey. 


Although my approach is mostly "talk therapy", I draw on many elements of counselling and psychotherapy practice depending on what may help and support you most. This may include CBT approaches (based on the link between thoughts, actions and behaviours) as well as other interactive types of intervention such as writing, drawing, and elements of roleplay.  You will always be consulted about each approach to your therapy. It is important that you are comfortable and that you are able to work in a way that is helpful to you. 

A therapeutic partnership

Our therapy work is a partnership which will benefit from a feeling of trust between myself as the counsellor, and you as the client. This may take time to grow and develop, the length of time varying for each person. I usually recommend that you attend the first session to get a "feel" for how it will be working together. You can then decide whether to proceed with further sessions and can book more in a block, or week by week. It is usually recommended, as far as possible, to commit to a regular slot at the same time each week. 

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